Doktoranden-Workshop Scientific Writing

Der nächste Doktoranden-Workshop, dieses Mal zum Thema "Scientific Writing", wird von Florence Samkange-Zeeb geleitet und findet von Montag, 07.11. und Dienstag, 08.11.2016 im BIPS statt.

Der Workshop dient zunächst der Vermittlung von Grundlagen wissenschaftlichen Schreibens. Ein zweiter Teil, in dem dann konkret Manuskripte bearbeitet werden, soll sich im ersten Quartal 2017 anschließen.

General objective:

The purpose of the workshops are to help scientists communicate more effectively, to help them present the results of their research in a way that will best convince the editors of journals, the reviewers and readers that their work is important and reliable.

The main idea is to help scientists structure their papers-that is, to arrange the necessary material into sections in a logical order so that the reader will be led through the arguments and thus understand the relevance of the results. Reference will be made to reporting guidelines such as STROBE and PRISMA.

Participants bring summaries/outlines/abstracts of manuscripts they are planning to write. The fundamentals of manuscript structure are explained, discussed and illustrated using the participants' own work and examples prepared from the published literature.